Who is Bloody Face? 

It’s been the question on everyone’s mind since the very first episode and, this week, viewers finally get their answer. While I can’t share who Bloody Face is, I can share a few other teases for what to expect in what is the best episode of the series thus far… 

  • Every actor and actress is in top form this episode, each bringing their A-game. Whether it’s making us laugh or making us cry or scream, each beat of the episode is portrayed so well by each member of the cast. 
  • Jessica Lange delivers what has to be one of the best scenes of her career, with a simple monologue that means much more than meets the eye. She continues to knock each episode out of the park!
  • The other big question on every viewers lips will also be answered, when you discover whether or not Anne Frank really is the Anne Frank of the past. But, much like every episode of American Horror Story, there is always a twist. 
  • Is Dr. Arden truly the Nazi Hans Cooper? You’ll find out this episode as well! 
  • Another big reveal comes when you learn more on the fate of Shelley…or at least part of it. The rest will just have to wait. 

This episode of American Horror Story: Asylum is truly must-see TV, an episode you just can’t miss! Tune in at 10/9c on Wednesday, only on FX!