With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time again for another Rachel Berry costume guide. Let’s face it, there’s no one better to be for Halloween than her! She has the cutest outfits and it would give you a chance to be a star–just like Rachel! Since the last costume guide, Rachel’s look has changed significantly! She’s went through a makeover, complete with an entire new wardrobe and new look. Read on for tips, tricks, photos, and more on how to complete your Rachel Berry look for Halloween!

V-Neck Sweaters

Since her makeover in episode 3, Rachel has worn a variety of v-neck sweaters in various colors, mostly in black and gray. The dark colors fit nicely with the New York lifestyle and give Rachel a more mature look.

High-Waisted Shorts

Rachel’s new sweater collection is usually combined with a pair of high-waisted shorts in a variety of different colors. They add that feminine touch that Rachel is so fond of.

Name Necklace

Rachel has sported a ‘Rachel’ name name necklace throughout all of season 4 so far, so be sure to include one of those on your Rachel Berry night out!

Wavy Locks

Along with Rachel’s new wardrobe came a new hairstyle — waves! These will add even more detail to your costume so you don’t miss a single beat as Miss Berry.

Ballet Clothing

Now that Rachel has been attending dance class at NYADA she has been wearing a variety of different leotards and ballet accessories. Including these will show off your dedication to Miss July’s class — and maybe this time she won’t call you Little Miss David Schwimmer.


  • An ‘R’ necklace, Finn necklace, or gold star necklace will add extra Berry to any Rachel get-up!
  • A microphone is a must for all of your Halloween party/Trick ‘R’ Treat performances!
  • Gold star stickers to hand out to all the loyal fans you’re bound to run into on your Rachel Berry night out!

Photos for Inspiration

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Final Tips

Confidence is key. Let all you run into know just how talented you are!

Let’s face it– there’s nothing Rachel loves more than impromptu performances. Don’t be afraid to bust out into song!

If you’re going as Rachel for Halloween, please tweet me photos!