Start spreading the news! Rachel is going to the Big Apple and she is going to take a bite out of it! 

Ryan Ryan Jewelry, the makers of Rachel’s star, initial pendant, and Finn nameplate necklaces have done it again! In episode 18 of season 3 (titled ‘Choke) Rachel will be auditioning for NYADA dean Carmen Tibideaux (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) and to go along with her dream of going to New York Ryan Ryan was commissioned by costume designer Lou Eyrich to create the Big Apple necklace for Rachel to wear on the big day. 

The necklace is available now in the Ryan Ryan Jewelry online store and comes in rose, white, or yellow gold and in your choice of red or white enamel for the apple. Prices start at just $215 and come with a 16 or 18 inch chain. 

Order yours today to show the world your love of New York or your support of Rachel’s big city dreams!