With a horror-themed television show like American Horror Story, it’s only right that Halloween be an integral part of the series. Which is why tonight’s fourth episode is one of two in a two-part special centered around this spooky holiday!

It may be premature, but I’m calling it the best episode of the series yet!

Here’s a few teasers on what to expect tonight:

  • A shocking death: This death certainly brought a tear to my eye and it was one I didn’t see coming.
  • Halloween Hijinks: The lines between the living and the dead are blurred in tonight’s episode, which makes it easier for certain people to walk amongst the living. This leads to some very complicated and intense situations.
  • More information regarding the gay couple who previously owned the house: Zachary Quinto is deliciously evil as one half of the gay couple who owned the house just before the Harmon’s. You see the couple’s troubled past–which involves everyone’s favorite rubber-clad man. Speaking of…
  • Rubber Man is as creepy as ever: Sure, Rubber Man was terrifying the first two episodes he was in, but this time he just gets even more disturbing. You even get to witness a little of just how evil he truly is. I can’t wait to find out his identity!
  • A huge cliffhanger: You’ll be biting your nails until next week after this week’s episode, which only leaves you wanting more. The cliffhanger involves two of the show’s main characters–one a little more, ahem, ghostly than the other.
American Horror Story airs tonight at 10/9c only on FX