Now that Glee is over until mid to late September, we all have only one thing on our minds: What will we do until the new episodes start again?! Well, being the giving and talented person that I am, I’ve come up with many different ideas on how to heal your Gleeky Blues and survive to see all our New Directions favorites in season 3!

  • Watch episodes over and over and over again. Season 1 and Season 2: Volume 1 are currently available in stores and online everywhere.
  • Go to the Glee Live Concert Tour
  • Read the Glee novels
  • Buy Glee merchandise (For ideas, visit previous posts on the blog!)
  • Listen to the Glee soundtracks/singles
  • Learn the choreography to different Glee performances and post them online.
  • Join a roleplaying group
  • Post on GleeForum or other Glee message boards
  • Draw/paint pictures of your favorite characters/scenes/etc.
  • Create fan videos for your favorite pairings, characters, storylines, etc.
  • Play the Glee board game/card game.
  • Play Glee Karaoke Volume 1 and Volume 2 on the Wii.
  • Host Glee viewing parties for you and your friends.
  • Put together outfits and dress up like your favorite characters.
  • Write and/or read Glee fanfiction.
  • Act like your favorite characters in every day like (ie: start signing your name with a gold star sticker beside it!)
  • Write down your predictions/guesses about season 3 and see how close you were when season 3 does begin.
I hope that these will keep you from slushying yourselves and help hold off those Glee Blues until we finally have season 3 in our lives!
Feel free to comment and add your own ideas as well!