Well, the last slushie has been thrown for Glee’s second season and it definitely went out on a high note, especially for one Miss Rachel Berry. Let’s take a look back at what I loved about ‘New York’:

Favorite Rachel Performence: For Good and Pretending

Since both performances from Rachel this episode were so amazing, I couldn’t bring myself to pick just one. For Good was a touching and poignant reflection on both Kurt and Rachel’s part and the way their voices blend together is utter magic. Pretending was an emotional Finn and Rachel duet and the rawness of how it all truly did relate to Finchel’s relationship made it special as well. Both definitely had me reaching for my tissues!

Favorite Rachel Quote: “Thank you, Kurt, for showing me that I don’t have to choose between my career and love. Because this, Broadway, that’s my true love.”

After doing 22 of these episode reviews, I’m sure you can tell I love when the writers acknowledge character traits that we’ve seen since the beginning. I especially love when it happens to be Rachel hearkening back to those big goals and dreams that she’s had since the pilot. It’s what makes her character so special to so many. Also, how amazingly cute was it when Rachel met Patti LuPone and became starstruck?!

Favorite Rachel Moment: Finn and Rachel’s Library Talk

Capping off the season finale, Rachel, met Finn by the bookshelves in the library to discuss all that had happened with Nationals, the kiss, and the two of them. It was a tender moment of reflection and honesty, one that we hadn’t seen out of these two in quite some time. It was the perfect way to end the season with the reunion of the show’s core couple.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: New York Arrival Outfit

From the fabulous multicolored striped coat to the white beret, Rachel’s outfit for running and dancing through the streets of New York was perfection! I love everything about it! Thanks to FashionOfGlee.com, we know many of these pieces can be bought in stores or online!

That’s all, folks! Season 2 has officially ended and we won’t have Glee back on our television screens until September. It may seem like a long time, but stay strong and we’ll get through this together!

I want to send out a quick thank you to each of my readers/followers who have supported the Glee RP and my blog. Thank you for reading the posts, commenting, tweeting, spreading the word, and everything else you’ve done for us. We are all more grateful than you’ll ever know. Here’s to season 3!