Tuesday’s 90 minute episode of Glee truly had it all. From laugh out loud hilarious moments to deeply emotional ones, the whole thing was packed full of stuff and I absolutely LOVED it! Now, let’s get into what I loved from everyone’s favorite Barbra lovin’ diva this week:

Favorite Rachel Performance: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

One of the most emotional performances to date, I was moved by this Quinn/Rachel duet. Both girls put so much feeling into the song and you could truly see both Quinn and Rachel struggling with their own insecurities and flaws. Once again, I must give credit to Adam Anders for another spectacular mash-up!

Favorite Rachel Quote: “And Finn, next time, watch out for the schnoz!” 

After a pretty heavy and emotional arc this episode, it was nice to see that Rachel had finally come to terms with her nose and embraced herself for who she was…all while reminding Finn to watch where he dances next time.

Favorite Rachel Moment: “Rachel don’t do this. You’re beautiful.”

OK, you caught me. So, my moment isn’t exactly a Rachel-specific moment, but Finn finally telling Rachel in front of everyone (INCLUDING his girlfriend) absolutely warmed my heart. I know Finn has been hesitant to stand up for Rachel in the past, but I was so proud of him in this scene and I know it meant a lot to Rachel as well.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: The Barbra-vention Outfit

I adored Rachel’s navy ruffled shirt combined with the polka dot skirt and the tights, all while dancing around celebrating her idol! A very fitting tribute might I add.

Final Thoughts: 

After a lackluster first episode back, Glee pulled out all the stops this time around and I couldn’t be more impressed! Glee has always been one to tackle tough issues and put them front and center and they definitely did it right by focusing on self-love and acceptance! It was a truly inspiring episode and, judging by the amount of comments I got on Twitter, many more felt the same.

What did you think of Born This Way? What would your t-shirt say? Share with me in the comments section below!

All screencaps courtesy of rawr-caps.net