I’m back again with another exciting product review! Today, I’ll be focusing on BubbaDuds.com’s Glee shirts. The company makes a wide range of Glee shirts, hoodies, and mugs featuring almost every character, quote, and more! They sent me two other shirts which I know you all will love!

Ever wanted to be on the McKinley Football Team like some of the Glee clubbers? You can support them all in this really neat McKinley Football Hoodie!

The hoodie is perfect for those cool summer nights or just lounging around watching our favorite musical comedy, don’t you think?

A new shirt the company just added to their website is the I’m A Gleek – Slushie Version shirt!

The “slushie” part of the shirt is actually glitter and the detail is fabulous! Take a look:


The shirts are also very affordable, which is perfect for those Gleeks who want to stock up on Glee shirts! They have so many different designs and selections that it’ll be difficult to pick only one shirt!

Do you have a BubbaDuds.com shirt? Which is your favorite? Share with me in the comments section below!