Loyal fans, it’s time again for a new feature here at Being @RachelBerryWMHS! This feature will focus on products I find on Etsy, basically an eBay but for handmade items and more, that will appeal to both Rachel and Glee fans alike!

For our premiere entry, I’m taking a look at these FABULOUS Glee-inspired caraciture pillows by knucklehead8!

These pillows are drawn and designed by the artist, printed onto the cotton fabric, and stuffed with polyester stuffing. You can get them in almost every single character of Glee, from Rachel to Blaine, and they make the perfect unique gift for the Glee fan in your life, or even for yourself!

You can purchase these pillows at her online store for only $18 dollars! Be sure to collect them all, they’re perfect for acting out all your favorite Glee scenes or creating your own during this mini-hiatus!

Which Glee-inspired pillow is your favorite? Share in the comments section below!