After a two week hiatus, Glee was back tonight, and so was Gwyneth Paltrow! I was indifferent to Holly in her last appearance, but this time she fully gained my love!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Afternoon Delight

The only performance Rachel was featured in this episode, but the hilarity of Miss Pillsbury thinking the song was about a dessert and all of Rachel’s faces when she was singing made this a laugh out loud musical number! Also, was anyone else hungry after seeing all those pies projected on the walls?

Favorite Rachel Quote: “I realized that, while all of us making our celibacy pledge is wonderful, one day we’re going to fall in love with someone, and we’re going to choose to be intimate with them.”

Proving  why she’s the best, Rachel as interim Celibacy Club president is once again the voice of reason. Regardless of what people say about celibacy, she knows that, while she may not be ready for sex now, that one day she will be. That’s a smart girl, you have to admit. She’s definitely got a good head on her shoulders and I was glad to see the writers show that.

Favorite Rachel Moment: Rachel in the Celibacy Club

Now that Finn and Rachel are broken up and she’s determined to move on from Finn, Rachel seems to have joined the Celibacy Club in an attempt to focus entirely on her original songs for Regionals. During each of these Celibacy Club scenes, I couldn’t help but chuckle. From Rachel declaring Finn is Kryptonite to Puck joining and Rachel asking if he’s lost, these moments were comedy gold. That’s the Glee I know and love so well!

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Salon Z Cashmere Intarsia Sweater

My favorite Rachel outfit this episode was definitely during Holly’s Do You Wanna Touch Me performance. I love the pearl necklace detail and the red skirt with flats was just too adorable! Thanks to Fashion of Glee, we know you can still get this shirt (on sale) at Saks 5th Avenue online!

Final Thoughts:

Although there was not much Rachel this episode, I thoroughly enjoyed Sexy and the return of Holly Holiday. I was happy to learn Emma still loves Will and shocked to learn that the reason Santana is a bully is because she’s grappling with her feelings for Brittany. I was never a big Brittana fan, but after all those emotional scenes and that touching Landslide performance, I think I’m officially a convert.

Next week, it’s time again for Regionals! If last year’s competition is any indication, I’d say there’s going to be PLENTY of drama.

What did you think of ‘Sexy’? Were you happy about Gwyneth’s return? Share in the comments section below!