I apologize that this review is so late. I’ve still been trying to get over being thrown up on….which is quite difficult. Now, onto the review!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Don’t You Want Me

Putting Lea and Darren’s voices together was one of the greatest things Glee has ever done. Drunk or not, this song is awesome and they both rocked it!

Favorite Rachel Quote: “Blaine Warbler, I’m going to rock your world!”

Fairly self explanatory. See below for more on why Drunk Rachel might just be the best thing ever. In a VERY close second: “Your face tastes awesome!”

Favorite Rachel Moment: “Needy Girl Drunk”

Whether it be at her own party, at home trying to ask Blaine on a date, or performing Blame It with her fellow Glee clubbers, drunk Rachel was the highlight of the episode for me. She was absolutely hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing at all the funny things she said!

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Scotty Dog Dress

Thanks once again to The Possessionista, we know that this fabulous dress is currently available at H&M. Head there to pick one up ASAP!

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