It’s time again for another Glee episode review! This time, the Gleeks caught Bieber fever, Sue joined the club, it spelled the end for Quam and brought on Samtana. We also got to hear Lauren’s first solo and her unconventional method to help ease her nerves (with a little help from Puck). To me, this episode was a lot more on the fun side than the serious and I was happy about that. Once again I must commend the writers for the excellent scenes they write, as well as Adam Anders for all that music!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Take Me Or Leave Me

For once, I was actually grateful for Sue’s scheming ways. This performance was pure perfection and I sat there watching in awe the entire time. Lea and Amber looked like they had so much fun with this number and that really shows. These two divas went head to head and we all came out the winner!

Favorite Rachel Quote: ‎”Being a diva is all about emotion. In fact, you feel so much emotion that it cannot be physically contained. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and turn your head and push, push your feelings away. They’re that big!”

Rachel’s explanation of what a diva is had me laughing out loud! Only our Rachel could describe it with such emotion and feeling and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Favorite Rachel Moment: An Original Song For Regionals

No matter what the other Glee clubbers thought, Rachel’s idea for an original song at Regional’s was brilliant. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with, because I’m sure they will all change their tunes once they hear it. Like Finn said, Rachel is making a ‘comeback’!

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Rachel’s bow intarsia neck red sweater

We’ve seen this shirt before, but given Rachel’s love for bows, this is absolutely perfect! I always love this shirt and I’m forever sad it’s no longer available at Forever 21.

There you have it, my thoughts on ‘Comeback’! What were your favorite moments? Share in the comments section below!