Glee’s last episode of 2010 aired last night and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. It kept all that we know and love about Glee in tact, while also adding in a lot of Christmas spirit to the mix. I was moved by the entire episode and it truly got me excited for Christmas and the holidays. From the hilarious scenes of Sue as the Grinch to the touching scenes of seeing Artie walk for the first time, it was an all around excellent episode. Of course, Rachel’s Christmas didn’t exactly work out as planned. With that, let’s get right into all of my Rachel-centric favorites!

Favorite Rachel performance: TIE- Merry Christmas Darling and Last Christmas

Both of Rachel’s performances last night were phenomenal, so I couldn’t choose just one. While Merry Christmas Darling highlighted Rachel’s pain and anguish over missing Finn, Last Christmas gave both Finn and Rachel to express how hurt they both were; him because she cheated on him and her because he ended their relationship. I love both of these songs already and Glee made me love them even more. I have a feeling both will be on heavy rotation for many Gleeks this holiday season!

Favorite Rachel quote: “Whether it’s a heart attack or heartbreak, just like Broadway, the show must go on.”

Once again, Rachel shows who she truly is. Although distraught over her break-up with Finn, she isn’t going to let anyone or anything keep her from singing. The show must go on and Rachel intends to make sure it does…as long as she gets a solo, of course.

Favorite Rachel moment: Wishing For Finn.

While trying to pick out the perfect Christmas tree with Finn, Rachel confided in Finn that it was him she wished for last Christmas. I loved this conversation, because we truly got to see Rachel be vulnerable, something that doesn’t occur very often. It’s nice to see the writers acknowledge that, while she may seem quite confident on the surface, she isn’t always underneath. That’s certainly something we can all relate to.

Favorite Rachel outfit: The navy sweater dress with white piping.

While pining for Finn during Merry Christmas Darling, we see Rachel in this lovely sweater dress and red beret. The combination is absolutely wonderful and I think it’s safe to say many more Gleeks will be wearing red berets soon! Thanks to Possessionista, we know that Rachel’s dress can be purchased online for $160! Let me know if you’ll be picking one up!

Final Thoughts: All in all, I absolutely loved the entire episode. Glee and Christmas go together perfectly, so here’s to hoping we’ll see many more holiday episodes for years to come!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Favorite song? Favorite quote? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!