Only a few more weeks until Christmas! I do hope you’ve all found something to get the Glee fan in your life or to ask Santa for this holiday season. If not, hopefully this post will find something you like.

This time, I’m looking at the Glee shirts available at Macy’s. Awake, Inc. who creates the shirts sent me a few to show off to all you Gleeks!

I absolutely love the pink and all the colors to this shirt. It’s so bright and it is fabulous! It’s a subtle way to show off your love for the show.

Featuring the Glee logo and a pair of headphones, this awesome Glee shirt is something I could see Mercedes rocking. The funky paint and design are as unique as the show!

Featuring the Glee logo and the ‘L hand’ we all can recognize, this long sleeve shirt featuring sequins is the perfect shirt for those who like flashier clothes that will let everyone know just how supportive you are of New Directions.

Another funky paint design with the Music is My Life logo, this shirt has to be one of my favorites. If you love Glee, I’m sure you can identify with the shirt, because music is most likely a big part of your life as well. This shirt will definitely let you show that off!

Finally, we have another favorite shirt of mine. The three-quarter sleeves are wonderful and the design with the character specific cassette tapes are another subtle way that you can show off the Glee love!

This concludes another Glee-ful Holiday post. Which shirt is your favorite? Do you already own some of these shirts? If not, head to your local Macy’s ASAP and pick some up!