It’s time again for another Glee-ful Holiday post! Same as before, these posts will be giving you great gift ideas for the Glee fan in your life, as well as gifts you might want for yourself this holiday season.

This time, I’m featuring Accessory Innovations Glee messenger bags and hinge wallets.

First up, we have the Music is My Life hinge wallet. It’s a very soft wallet and the design is lovely:

And here’s a look inside the wallet. It has plenty of space for all your cards, change, and money:

Next up, we have the Don’t Stop Believing messenger bag:

It’s a fabulous design and it’s truly a conversation starter. When you walk around with it, other Glee fans will be sure to compliment you on your great choice of messenger bag. It’s perfect for carrying your laptop, your school books, your pencils, or even your sheet music!

To complete the bag, you even get a Glee keychain…or is it Glee-chain?

Stay tuned for more Glee-ful holiday posts, coming soon!