Before beginning, let me warn you that there are spoilers ahead regarding last night’s episode. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so, then return here. Also, because this episode featured little Rachel, I’m going to be doing an overall review of the episode.


That seemed to be the only thing I could say after last night’s shocking kiss between Kurt and a certain bullying jock. Although it didn’t come completely out of left field, I was still floored by the event.

I’m so glad that Glee is tackling the issue of homophobia and bullying on the show, especially given the tragic happenings as of late with gay teen suicide rates increasing exponentially.

Besides that kiss, which was the highlight of the episode for me, the acting of both Chris Colfer and Max Adler was superb. I can’t commend them both for doing such an emotional and convincing job. We all know Chris is a fantastic actor, but I was certainly surprised to see Max giving Karofsky such depth through that singular kiss.

We were also introduced to Blaine, who I also adore. Giving Kurt a figure who encourages him to fight back is something he certainly needs and I think Blaine is truly going to help Kurt mature and stand up to those adversaries. I’m also glad Kurt finally has someone who he can relate to. As for a romance, the sparks certainly flew during the Teenage Dream performance. I could see these two together for the long haul but I suppose only time will tell.

Another big plot point tonight was the Glee clubbers’…’interesting ways of supressing their….’urges’. Though cruel towards Beiste, I did find their fantasy sequences quite hilarious. Beiste in a tutu and a WMHS cheerleader uniform? Priceless!

By the way, Dot Jones’ acting in that ending scene with Will was heartbreaking. Although a tough exterior, deep down, Shannon Beiste longs for love, just like the rest of us.

As for the musical performances, I was glad to see only four songs this episode. Though I love the songs as much as the next Gleek, I was happy that the show was back to focusing on the storytelling and the plot. That’s the Glee I love to watch!

However, I must say, those mash-ups were spectacular! Both were so fantastic and I can’t rave about them enough. They were so fun and the parallels with ‘Vitamin D’ were an added treat for fans.

So Gleeks, what did you think of the episode? Were you as shocked by that kiss as I was? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.