Hello, one and all!

This is the first of a new feature on my blog, Six Degrees of Glee-paration. Each post, I’ll be featuring some sort of product/CD/artist who I believe would be a perfect fit for the Gleeverse. For this first post, I’m taking a look at Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now. There have been many rumors of Taylor’s songs appearing on Glee and this post highlights some of the songs off her new album that I believe should be performed by certain characters. Here we go…

1. Better Than Revenge – Rachel

When Rachel does finally find out the truth about Finn losing his virginity to Santana, she is surely going to be very angry. We certainly know that Rachel loves to express her anger in song (Gives You Hell, anyone?) and this is another perfect song for her to sing to Finn and/or Santana. The lyrics, detailing  a girl losing her guy to someone else and the revenge she wishes to exact would fit right in to the storyline.

2. Back To December – Artie

In this song, Taylor is apologizing for treating someone wrongly who she was in a relationship with. This would work splendidly for Artie’s realization that he messed up and treated Tina badly. It could be his way of saying sorry to her and an attempt to win her back.

3. Never Grow Up – Quinn and/or Puck

I could definitely see Quinn or Puck singing this song to little baby Beth when they see her again. With lyrics about wishing a child would never grow up, it would convey Quinn and Puck missing their daughter, but also letting Beth know that they will protect her, no matter what. It’s a truly beautiful song and I know they would both do it justice.

4. Mine – Kurt

If Blaine and Kurt really do end up being boyfriends, this song would be a fabulous selection for Kurt to perform. Although we’ve yet to see much of Blaine, I can tell he’s a very mature young man and he’d treat Kurt right. And what better way for Kurt to thank him for his support than through song?

There you have it, my selections from Taylor’s album I think would perfect for the Glee kids.

What do you think about some of Taylor’s songs appearing on Glee? Were there any songs I left out you’d like to see performed? Share in the comments section below!