With Gwyneth Paltrow’s first appearance on coming up very soon, it’s time to begin auditions for Holly Holiday, the character she’ll be portraying.

You can also audition for the role of Dr. Carl. Just make sure you specify who you’re auditioning for when you e-mail me.

Auditioning will be same as previous auditions. Just answer the follow questions and e-mail your responses to me (rachelberrywmhs@gmail.com) by Thursday, November 11th at 12PM.

Good luck!




Personal Twitter (if you have one):


1) Why do you want to play the role of Holly Holiday?

2) How often will you be able to tweet as Holly?

3) Give us your best original Holly Holiday-style tweet.

4) Do you agree to stay in character at all times?

5) Why do you love Glee?