Loyal fans, today I’ll be reviewing the upcoming Glee EP ‘The Rocky Horror Glee Show’. The fine people at Sony Music sent me a copy for review and I’m going to be grading the songs on an A-F basis. After that, I’ll be sharing a few thoughts on the songs, what I liked and what I didn’t like.  Let me preface this by saying I am a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although not a die-hard fan like some. I enjoy the original movie every now and then and I love the songs, but that’s the extent of my fandom. However, I was quite excited when I first heard Glee was doing a Rocky Horror tribute and I was very excited to see the CD in my mailbox on Friday.

Now, on to the review!

1) Science Fiction Double Feature

Grade: B+

As the opener to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, this song is the perfect opener to the Glee EP. Naya Rivera (Santana) gets another chance to show off her impressive vocal abilities, singing the entire number by herself. I’m so glad her role on the show has been upped, because this girl is great all around, and so is this song.

2) Damn It, Janet

Grade: A

One of my favorites from the original, Cory Monteith (Finn) and Lea Michele (Rachel), in my opinion, make the song even better. The song is adorable and so are these two, so it’s absolutely perfect for them to perform. Their voices go seamlessly together and I’m always in love with their songs. This one is no exception.

3) Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?

Grade: C-

In John Stamos’ (Dr. Carl Howell) first song on Glee, I really wasn’t impressed. Admittedly my least favorite song from the original, Stamos did make me enjoy the song more than I did before, but that just wasn’t enough. Also,  every time the song is on I can’t help but picture him as Uncle Jesse from Full House.

4) Sweet Transvestite

Grade: B-

When I first heard this song, I was completely thrown off by what was a big change from the original. Mercedes performing this wouldn’t have been my first choice (Puck! Kurt! Santana, even!) but the song has continued to grow on me. Not as good as Tim Curry’s version, but a very close second. One thing that bothers me is the change of lyrics to ‘sensational Translyvania’, although I can understand why Fox did so.

5) Touch A, Touch A, Touch Me

Grade: A+

My favorite song on the entire album. Jayma Mays (Emma) makes this song so much better than Susan Sarandon’s original and truly shines here. I had almost forgotten she could even sing, since Glee has barely featured her vocal talents. Hopefully they all see how amazing she truly is after this song. I’ve found myself singing this song non-stop since I received the album and that doesn’t look it will be changing anytime soon.

6) There’s A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place)

Grade: B

Another fabulous Finn and Rachel duet, with a little Chris Colfer (Kurt) included. It’s another favorite off the album and, just as I’ve been singing Touch A, Touch A, Touch Me for the past few days, I’ve done the same with this song.

7) Time Warp

Grade: A

The perfect end to this EP, Chris Colfer (Kurt) is perfection as Riff Raff and I was pleasantly surprised with Dianna Agron (Quinn) here. Many of the cast members get verses in this song and it really an excellent cover. You’ll be tempted to jump up and do the Time Warp every time this song comes on, I know I have.

Final Thoughts: The Rocky Horror Glee Show album is a very fun album, with only a few weak spots, but those are made up for with the other excellent songs included. You might want to see the original Rocky Horror Picture Show first so that you may better appreciate this EP.

You can pre-order a copy on Amazon.com right now or pick it up at your local store when it is released on October 19th.