I didn’t want to write a post like this, but it’s becoming extremely clear that it’s necessary. After seeing this post tonight, I was shocked and hurt that someone would say something so disheartening. We’ve had people say things such as this before, but I can stay silent no longer. In my opinion, we are the best RP group on Twitter and we all put so much effort into bringing Glee to life after the show is over, during the show, and while it’s on hiatus. I understand that some people may not agree with the portrayal of our characters, but we have all put months and months into developing our characters and making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have some of the greatest RPers around and I couldn’t be happier with our group, which is why I have this to say to whoever wrote such a hateful comment: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

To those of you who enjoy what we do and make what we do worthwhile, thank you ever so kindly! We will never let one bad apple spoil the fun times we’ve share and I thank you for the continued support.