As with last week, I wanted to go ahead and write a post about the latest episode of Glee.

I was truly blown away by this episode, and I believe it lived up to all the hype and adoration that it received. I do think it may have become my first episode of Glee so far! The elaborate numbers, the hilarious one liners, the crazy plot twists, it was all so amazing!

From here on out, I will be discussing episode spoilers. So, if you haven’t seen it, look away.

The biggest plot twist of the night? Finn losing his virginity to Santana. I really couldn’t believe that he would do that, no matter how mad he was at Rachel. What bugged me the most was that, after chastising Rachel for lying about her relationship with Jesse, he had the nerve to lie to her about sleeping with Santana. I really don’t like seeing my Rachel hurt, and I know when she finds that out it will break her heart. Let’s just hope there’s more to the story than we originally thought.

The musical numbers were all so spot on, and I’m not even that big of a Madonna fan. My favorite of the night was Borderline/Open Your Heart duet performed by Finn and Rachel. I loved the running through the hallways and the library singing, and all the people in various Madonna outfits in the background. Of course Vogue was amazing, Jane Lynch can truly do anything. Express Yourself was an excellent song starter to the episode and it really gave the show a start on a high note.

I’m glad we finally got to learn a little bit more about Sue, as well as why she’s always giving Will hell over his hair: She’s jealous. It’s good that we can finally understand just what her motivation is for hating on it constantly.

The Artie/Tina stuff was so funny! Tina’s speech in the hallway about being a woman to Artie was great! I even loved their kiss at the end, cementing them as a couple. It was very cute!

As much as I didn’t like Santana taking Finn’s virginity, I really liked the Like A Virgin scene. Although, was it just me or was that just a little raunchy for Glee?

Jesse joining New Directions wasn’t something I saw coming at all. I hope he isn’t really using Rachel though, like the previous episode made it seem. I wonder how the others are going to act now that he’s a fulltime member. I have a feeling it won’t be good.

Like A Prayer was an amazing end to the episode, where the whole group came together to perform another spectacular number.

All in all, this was one of the, if not THE best episodes of Glee I have ever seen. I’ll be watching it again on Friday at 9PM EST on FOX, as it will be playing again for those who missed the last few minutes due to American Idol running over.

What did you all think of the episode? Favorite quote? Favorite performance? How shocked were you by the new plot twists? Share all your thoughts in the comments section!