I wanted to write this post to thank each and every one of you for attending our first ever live chat last night. It means a lot to me that we ll have so much support from you all, because that’s who we’re doing it for–fans like you!

Although things were a little crazy with all of us in one room, it got a lot smoother once we split into 2 RPers per room. I’d like to know which you liked best though, as input for our next live chat, coming soon!

I know that Kurt and Rachel fans have some difficulties getting along because the characters are rivals on the show (to an extent), but please remember to respect others opinions, even if they are different than your own. Both the Kurt and Finn RPers are good friends of mine, and I don’t like anyone in our RP group receiving hate. It’s unnecessary. Glee brings us all together, always remember that.

We’ll be having another live chat soon, maybe even within the next few days! So glad I got to connect with all of you in a deeper, more personal way. I really did enjoy talking to all of you.