Hell-o Gleeks!

Only one day ’til Glee returns, can you believe that it’s finally here? I know all of you are super excited, as am I.

I’m writing to give you some details about our first ever Glee On Twitter Tuesday, because we’ve had some inquiries regarding just how this works. Because this is our first time doing this, we’re going to be playing around with the format and see which you guys like best.

I’ll be tweeting live throughout the episode. I’ll try keeping my tweets as spoiler free as possible, for those of you on the West Coast or in other countries who won’t see the episode until later.

Tweets will be both in and out of character. As I tweet along, most of the updates will be in character. However, if there’s something I’d like to comment on, I may just do that.

I will try tweeting each Tuesday until Glee’s first season ends. I can’t make any promises, but I’m going to try my best to be there for each episode at 9 o’ clock, as it airs until Glee ends its first season.

You can still interact with me and my fellow RPers during Glee On Twitter Tuesday. Although some of us will be tweeting, feel free to @reply us with whatever thoughts/comments/etc. you have during the episodes. We will try our absolute best to respond to you, like always.

Our storylines will reflect what happens on the show Because our RP group is in sync with the show and its stories, whatever happens on the show will also happen with our group. This means, if anyone breaks up with, sleeps with, or gets into a fight with another person, we will be having that come into effect with our group.

I hope all of you are just as excited as I am about this and I hope to see you at 9:28 pm tomorrow, for the first ever Glee On Twitter Tuesday!