So, I know all of you guys saw the Golden Globes. SO SO SO glad Glee won for Best Comedy/Musical, because otherwise I would’ve had a nervous breakdown. I do think that Lea and Matthew were robbed. However, the most robbed of the night was Jane Lynch. Her portrayal as the brazen Sue Sylvester is ALWAYS spot on and she’s already made a name for herself as an iconic TV antagonist. I was very disappointed she lost, as I know every one of you was.

On another note, us Glee RPers are planning something HUGE for you guys. It’ll be a chance for you all to win awesome Glee swag, and a chance to help out others. But that’s all the hints you’ll be getting for now. We have to make sure everything falls into place and, once we do, we’ll let you know all about it.

Get excited, amazing things are coming Glee fans!