Some of my have wondered why exactly I chose to portray Rachel Berry, considering many of you see her as ‘annoying’, a ‘diva’, ‘shrill’, etc. Well, let me explain.

From the moment I saw Rachel on the first episode of Glee, I knew she was someone I would like. Although she came off strong and like a diva, deep down she just wanted to feel special and leave a  legacy at her school. That’s something everyone can relate to.

Then came episode 2. The moment I saw her sing Take A Bow my love for her, and Glee, were secured. I can’t explain to you the heartbreak I felt for her. That’s mostly due to Lea Michele’s AMAZING voice and acting talent. But from then on, I knew I could relate to Rachel and her struggles.

Rachel even proved to show maturity when she gave Mercedes the ballad solo at Sectionals. That is, until those Jane Adams girls stole it. It showed that Rachel could admit when someone was better than her, even if it was difficult.

So, there you have it. That’s why I chose to be Rachel and I couldn’t be happier getting to portray her everyday on Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, etc.

I hope all of you are enjoying my portrayal as well. Because, it’s ultimately you guys that I’m doing this for. My fellow Gleeks! 🙂